At kinlenn, we serve authentic-tasting thai cuisine, plated creatively to please both your eyes and your taste buds.

We believe that each meal should be a fun experience; be it alone or with friends and family, kinlenn will cater you with modern playful thai cuisine, whilst retaining the traditional flavors which are characteristic of thai food. each dish are crafted for you to enjoy in a cozy casual dining space.

Our small actions can make a big difference. it’s on all of us to do our part to help reduce single use plastics by implementing these restaurant’s policies

Kinlenn serves premium quality drinking water in the reusable glass bottles, paper straws come with most of the beverages but please feel free to say no if you can consume without one. single use cutlery is available for take out order upon request only

  • bring your own reusable food container for take out order get 20 baht off
  • 20 baht per food container per menu
  • available for rice & noodle only
  • the size of the food container must be enough for food